Liams nytårstale (Liam's New Year speech)

Here we go again. A new year, but is it going to be a new you? Well, who cares? As long as you're happy, doing the things you love, and with the people you care about. I hope you are.

You probably know, every year Queen Margrethe gives an inspiring New Year speech, which is broadcast live to Danes all over Denmark. Queen Elizabeth also does the same in England, and I got to thinking, "hell, I could do that."

So, here is my New Year speech. Let it inspire you Danish learning and get you moving in the right direction. Oh, and just as a little bonus, here is a little common "New Year" vocabulary.

At vaske tavlen ren (To wipe the slate clean)

Nyt år, ny mig (New year, new me)

At fejre (To celebrate)

Skål (Cheers)

At skåle (To toast/make a toast)

Et nytårsforsæt (A New Year Resolution)

Nytårsaften (New Year's Eve)

En nytårstale (A New Year speech)

Fyrværkeri (Fireworks)

Godt nytår (Happy New Year)

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