Digital Love

Their love burned up and left a trail of the world behind it. The things they knew; the lives they led, they were gone --smouldering in the past. 


He didn't know her. Getting to know a person takes time and he'd never even seen her lips move, but the sound of her voice captivated him like a full moon on a perfectly still night. 


Their chests thumped. They ached, they strained; blocked by a screen, digital letters, and pictures. 


Things started slow but accelerated fast. They became one. Even though they were on opposite ends of the earth, they unified. They became an unstoppable force --a team. 


He'll never forget the first time he saw her --in the flesh yet so far from it. His eyes dilated and bulged, his stomach rolled on high-speed. 


How long had it been since he felt like this? His teenage skin had returned!


She could see it and he could feel it. Sometimes they'd fall into silence; but not the awkward kind where you're desperately thinking of something fun to say. Rather the content kind; happy and smiling like two crazy people who had no reason to smile. Only they had a reason: they had each other. 


Sometimes you don't have to ask questions, you don't have to question yourself. If you listen to your gut - to your heart - you know which road to take. You know who is good for you and who is not. It takes times. You may not ever find the one, not the way he did, but be open to the possibility. 

She encouraged him. She supported him; she gave him the kind of love that he had never felt before. It's true: love has no boundaries. When you find that special person - wherever they are - you will know. You will feel it and they will too.

Nearly one year has passed. It has been impossible for them to step out from the screen; it's something they've just had to accept. 

When months feel like years and weeks feel like months, life feels like a battle. But what choices did they have? They had two choices: give up or fight. They chose to fight. 

Now the time is coming, a few weeks from now. They'll step through the screen and into a new reality. A reality where they can hold each other for the first time and feel the warmth of their bodies. Finally, they will touch. 

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