"The Ultimate Danish Phrasebook" is the eBook that teaches you natural Danish in a simple and fun way!


In this eBook you will find phrases on virtually any topic you can imagine.
Anything that you can think of, it's in here.


It's not only phrases for tourists and beginners, it's phrases for EVERYONE.
Yep, learners of all levels can benefit from this eBook.


What's inside this eBook?

- 2000 phrases, 26 chapters, 120 sub chapters
- A wide range of topics from greetings, small-talk, work, pets, love, and more advanced topics like history, politics, philosophy, etc.
- Colorful illustrations to make reading it a pleasant experience
- Notes on phrases that sound formal, authoritative, fictitious, etc
- A huge vocabulary covered



The Ultimate Danish Phrasebook (eBook)

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