What are our lessons about? 


  • Practice your conversational Danish and correct mistakes as you go.

  • Get into the nuances of pronunciation and learn the common patterns.

  • Read stories, songs, articles, conversations (all kinds of texts in Danish).

  • Watch videos, listen to audio files, and have conversations. 

  • Go through your homework every week and learn grammar in simple terms.

  • Study and learn how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Fine-tune your Danish and make it sound more natural (for advanced learners).

  • For experienced learners, brush up on your Danish and fine-tune small mistakes. 


Each lesson is broken into 2-4 sections, which means sessions are fast-paced and engaging. Exercises and materials used are original and contain interesting content with fun tones that will make the new words and phrases memorable, often with the use of stories, dialogues, monologues, audio files, music, and/or movie clips. 

One-to-one or group classes?

Tuition is available both online and in person in the Copenhagen area as either a private "one-to-one" course of classes or as "small group" classes. However, group classes will retain the "private" feel, as you will be grouped in small groups of 4-5 people of similar level. 

All private, one-to-one and group classes last 60 minutes. 

Lesson procedures/What's included?

After each lesson you will receive an email or message with details about content covered in the lesson along with a home work task and any extra material used. Every class taken will be kept within the same Google document for ease of finding. 

As a student with Taste of Danish you'll get access to:

  • Texts at varying levels with and without translations

  • Quizzes used in class to practice conversation and speaking 

  • Dialogues with translations

  • Danish phrases eBook "Danish for Champions" containing over 600 phrases, 4 short stories, 35 verbs in all 6 tenses and audio

  • Access to new grammatical exercises 

  • Sound files, listening exercises, and homework task

Where are the lessons held?

Online lessons

Online lessons will be held either via the online platform Webex or Skype.

In person/group classes 

Private lessons with single students will be held in the most convenient place for both parties: student's place of work, home of the student, home of the teacher, or a local establishment etc. and is to be agreed upon between the teacher and student. 

Group classes will be held at

Hos Norup

Roskildevej 46

2000 Frederiksberg

Møde/samtalerum 2 (meeting room 2)







You will give ongoing support in AND out of the online classroom, and you will easily be able to contact the teacher via email with any questions, concerns, or inquiries. 


You will be given regular feedback and continually provided with new ways to learn inside and outside of the classroom.


Will there be homework?

There is always homework. Usually, a short task will be given. You will be expected to complete the task as soon as possible. Otherwise, time will be used in the lesson to go over the assignment. You will also be added to Google Classroom where you will find easily accessible homework assignments which can be handed in online.


When can I take lessons?

Lessons are currently available Danish time between 07:00 and 21:00, 7 days per week. These times are subject to change.


For private students, lessons are available as single, "one-time" class or as a course of 4, 8, 16, OR 32 classes.

For groups classes, students can buy a packages of either 16 or 32 classes. 

Please contact for more details and prices. 

PLEASE NOTE: When buying a package of either 16 or 32 lessons, the course will be an intensive course and you will be expected to attend 2 lessons every week. Schedules are flexible to fit in with your daily life as much as possible, however, you must be able to attend and take the mentioned number of lessons each week.


If you cancel or fail to attend the required number of classes in any given week, the class will be automatically deducted from your current package. Lessons can be rescheduled for the same week only.

Prices for group classes will be considerably lower for those given to private students. 

How do I pay?

Payments can be made via: MobilePay, PayPal, or bank transfer using are to be arranged between the teacher and student

Payments are accepted in DKK, EUR, GBP, USD.

Cancellation policy
If the student cancels less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is to start, the
lesson will be deducted from the student’s current package.
If the teacher cancels the lesson less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is
to start, the next lesson will be free of charge and not deducted from the student’s

If for any reason you're not happy with your classes, purchased packages are fully refundable within 14 days of purchase. Lessons are non-refundable after 14 days. 

For the full policy, please contact



To make a payment through PayPal.


If you prefer to make payments via bank transfer, please use the following details:

Bank account: Danske Bank

Reg. nr: 1551
Account number 4020640189   


For residents of Denmark send payments through MobilePay

Package options

You can save money by buying a package of classes. This will also secure your place and give you a clear target for your learning. 

Packages do not have an expiry date, however classes must be consistantly taken, e.g. once per week, unless otherwise agreed. 

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