I accept secure payments through PayPal.

When you are ready to start classes and make a payment, I will send an invoice link to your inbox. 

Otherwise, payments to be made to:


If you prefer to make payments via bank transfer, please use the following details:

Bank account: Danske Bank

Reg. nr: 1551
Account number 4020640189   


For residents of Denmark I accept payments through MobilePay

Package options

Lesson rates:


Every lesson is 60 minutes of length.


Trial lesson: 90 kr. .


Note: If the student does not attend to the scheduled trial lesson, he or she will have to buy a package to receive lessons.


For individuals/private persons:

Single lesson 200 kr.

5 Lesson Package 580 kr.

10 Lesson Package 1050 kr.

20 Lesson Package 2000 kr.


For small-medium sized companies:

(If the company agrees to pay for the student)

5 lessons: 750 kroner

10 lessons: 1500 kroner

20 lessons: 3000 kroner


For big-international sized companies:

(If the company agrees to pay for the student)

5 lessons: 1000 kroner

10 lessons: 2000 kroner

20 lessons: 4000 kroner

Cancellation Policy Agreement

If the student cancels less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is to start, he or she will still have that lesson deducted from the package previously bought.


If the teacher cancels the lesson less than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson is to start, the next lesson will be free of charge and not deducted from the student’s package.


When buying a new package:

The new package must be paid for on the same day that the one before expires.

Meaning that, for example, if a lesson received on a Monday is 5 out of 5, the payment for the new package, must be made on the same day.


If the payment for the new package is not made accordingly, there will be an extra fee of 50 kroner added to original price of the package for every day the payment is late.


Exceptions to this fee can be made if a package expires within the last 4 days of a given month.

In this case, the student will need to inform the teacher 2 days prior to the last lesson of the package, meaning 6 days before the last day of the month, in order to avoid the extra fee.


The student has been informed of these policies by the teacher, and is therefore responsible for complying with them.

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