What is Patreon? 

Patreon is a donation based website where supporters can get exclusive rewards by donating to their favorite people, businesses, artists, musicians, content creators etc.


The most common format is a monthly subscription, which you choose yourself AND can cancel anytime. In return you get some monthly awesomeness.

What are we doing there? 


So, a new way to get your hands on exclusive Danish content is to support our YouTube channel on Patreon.


If you’re not following the channel already, follow the link below.


Learn Danish with Thomas

I have also started a new channel with a fresh format. Check it out below so you don't miss anything. 

A Taste of Danish


There are a bunch of cool rewards starting at just $1 per month. Here is a breakdown:


Shout Out

$1 or more per month 

Donate $1 dollar per month and get your name listed at the end of every future video. 


Exclusive Facebook Group for Patreons

$10 or more per month

Donate 10 USD per month and get exclusive access to our "Patreon Only" Facebook group. Here you can socialize with us, ask questions and get access to some excllusive posts. 


Behind the Scenes / Bloopers

$20 or more per month 

Donate 15 USD per month and receive a new compilation of outtakes, bloopers and other unused video clips around 14th of each month PLUS all the above rewards.


Too Hot for YouTube + Full length video

$25 or more per month 

Donate 25 USD monthly and you'll receive two exclusive videos every month: 


On the 7th of every month- 1 video "Too hot for YouTube" featuring edgy expressions and colorful language.

And second...

On the 28th of every month- 1 extended video available only to patrons- opposed to the "light version" available on YouTube. 

PLUS all the above rewards. 


20 Minute Video Lessons

$30 or more per month 

Donate 30 USD per month and get one exclusive video lesson directly to you inbox around the 22nd of the month PLUS all the above rewards.


Hangout Session

$45 or more per month 

Donate 45 USD per month and you´'ll get a 30 minute hangout session every month- this is your chance to ask any Danish questions related questions or just to hang out and get to know us a little better. PLUS all the above rewards. 


School's In

$50 or more per month 

Donate 50 USD monthly and you'll a get a personalized, one hour lesson with either Thomas or Liam every month PLUS all the above perks.  


Your name on the Big Screen!

$75 or more per month 

Donate 75 USD per month and you'll get the chance to bring your original idea to life and see it published on our channel PLUS all the above rewards. 


This means you'll have creative input on the video: text, themes, lighting etc and be involved in the process. 

Thanks for reading and see you on Patreon. 

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