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"Danish Dishes" is a monthly subscription service.

Monthly Payments will automatically renew until you choose to cancel. You can cancel anytime by logging into your account or by writing to us at tasteofdanish@gmail.com.

Once you have have subscribed, access the content using the buttons at the top of this page. 

Other BONUSES for all new subscribers

When signing up you get INSTANT ACCESS to four FREE PDF documents.

-10 tips to learn Danish faster

- Danish for Champions - 600 Danish phrases, 4 short stories, 35 verbs in all 6 tenses
(With audio)

- Danish Inversion explained 

(With audio)

-9 basic Danish conversations
(With audio)

What you'll be getting:



Subscribe now and get access to...

Exclusive Danish videos

You'll gain access to a huge collection (260+) Danish videos, many

of them not available on YouTube or anywhere else! With more than 12 hours play time

in total, there's a mountain of materials to keep you busy and engaged PLUS brand new videos every month.

Interactive Danish Exercises

Practice makes perfect: Complete exercises online (grammar / listening / fill in the blanks / select the correct word etc) and get instant feedback and a percentage score. See where you made mistakes, take the exercises again, practice and become a boss in Danish. 

Vocabulary Lists

You'll get vocabulary lists each covering a specific topic along with audio file. Many of the lists will relate to other content on the site, so you'll be able to see and hear the words in dialogues or videos. 

Mistake busters

It's so important become aware of the most common errors in Danish. With our Mistake Busters you get: Downloadable images with commonly confused words, similar words, words with several meanings, words with the same spelling, but different pronunciation etc. with example sentences AND audio.  


Reading and listening to conversations is a good tool for learning natural Danish,

as you'll get used to hearing how people actually talk to each other. Each dialogue with have a theme and come with a PDF file containing a version with and without translations. You'll also get an audio file for pronunciation. 


You'll get a range of texts written in first person as PDF files, each with English translations and accompanying audio file. Monologues are another great way to hear some natural sounding Danish that you can use in your everyday life. 

Short stories

Reading is key to improving your understanding of Danish grammar and building vocabulary. Reveal a new story each month and enjoy the twists, turns, and cliffhangers of some original Danish tales. ​This will advance your Danish and give you a lot of new vocabulary. Each story comes with PDF and audio file. 

Podcast episodes 

Sometimes the best time to learn is "on-the-go." You can make the most out of long journeys, commutes to work, or walks in the park by listening to your target language. Our downloadable podcast episodes are structured in a way so you can learn "hands-free." They do, however, come with a downloadable PDF file, so you can be sure, you didn't miss anything. 

Video transcriptions

It's always a good idea to revisit, and as a subscriber you'll get access to a back catalogue of texts/video transcriptions each as a PDF file with English translations. 


Grammar Breakdowns​

From selected videos, you'll get the text PDF file with highlighted key-phrases and grammar points, helping you understand small nuances in the language, hard to translate phrases, and double meanings. 

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