Do it with a local

If you are coming to Copenhagen and are thinking about taking a guided tour, why not take it with a local, someone that is passionate about the city?

My tours are always personalised for my guests and contain humorous cultural references which can't be found inside a conventional tour bus.

Don´t let the weather put you off! If you want to experience the city like a local, then get wrapped up in winter or take off half your clothes in summer. Whatever the weather, lets explore Copenhagen together.

Guru style

My style is to keep it simple and interesting without bombarding you with dates, after all, we all know you will forget them the second you leave, or you'll fall asleep while I'm telling you in which year King Christian IV was born -yawn!

You can ask me dates, probably I know some of them, but I´ll focus more on fun anecdotes, interesting stories, and current events. For the past six months I have been working for Red Buses in the city, making walking tours four or five times per week. My guests always leave with a smile.  


The Tours

Length: 1h 30 minutes.
Language: English/Danish

We explore the small streets of the city, talk a little about the vikings and beer, pass by my favorite place to eat, and make stops at hot spots like Tivoli, City Hall, and The Round Tower. 

The tour currently works on a 'tips' basis, or as we like to call it in Denmark 'drinking money.' So the tour is free, but any contribution is happily welcomed at the end of the tour. I except cash, coins, kisses, cuddles, handshakes, food, and beer. 

Please send an email with the subject line FREE WALKING TOUR to to arrange a date and time. 

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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