What is covered in the course?

We’ll look at a range of topics including:


-Basic grammar

-Common mistakes and pronunciation




-Daily life




And more...

Will there be extra tasks / homework?

Yes. After each class or once per week you will receive lesson notes, a recording, relevant links and a short homework task relating to the material covered in the class.


Notes from previous classes will be reviewed with a game or drill exercises at the start of each class.


Is material included?

Yes, you will get access to 100’s of texts and dialogues, as well as grammar-based tasks. All created by the Taste of Danish team.


Course and Group size

-Each course of classes includes 12 lessons

-1 lesson = 60 minutes 

-Each group will include 4-5 students as a base number (numbers may increase, but you will be asked in advance if you want to join a larger group or remain with a smaller one)



Hos Norup

Roskildevej 46

2000 Frederiksberg

Møde/samtalerum 2 (meeting room 2)


Time and Dates

-Lessons will be held twice per week. Days to be confirmed. Generally lessons will take place in the evening after 18:00.


For more details on pricing and payment methods contact Liam at ljpilmore@gmail.com


PLEASE NOTE: When buying a package of 16 classes, the course will be an intensive course and you will be expected to attend lessons twice per week. Schedules are flexible to fit in with your daily life, however you must be able to attend and take the mentioned number of lessons each week.


If you cancel or fail to attend the required number of classes in any given week, the class will be automatically deducted from the package. Lessons cannot be rescheduled.


The student has been informed of these policies by the teacher, and is therefore responsible for complying with them.


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