Who is this service for?

This service is for anyone with a busy lifestyle who just doesn’t have time to take classes or search through endless amounts of links in order to find the answer to their question.


It`s also for anyone who just needs a concrete answer about Danish FAST!  


What is this service?

Via email, you can send any Danish related questions you like, either in Danish or in English, and I will usually respond the same day or within 24 hours. If for any reason I´m extremely busy or away, I will contact you as soon as possible- usually within 72 hours.


Some common themes are:


Grammar questions:

Word order, verb tenses, adjective conjugations, definite/indefinite articles etc.


General questions about Danish phrases or expressions:

How do I say…?

What does this mean…?

Is it okay to say…?

Idioms/fixed expressions


Pronunciation / spoken Danish:

How do I pronounce… ?

What is this sound... ?

Common patterns / rhyming techniques

You could for example send a short sound file or video clip which you are trying to understand.


General learning advice:

How can I improve?

What movies/TV shows can you recommend?

Which apps / books  / learning methods are best?


How does it work?

There are two options:

  1. Pay as you go: Buy single emails as and when you need the answers.

  2. Buy a package: Buy a package of emails to save money and send questions when necessary.


You can send up to five questions in every email. I will answer up to five questions per email. You can of course send more, but I will take them in fives and then deduct the number from your package where relevant.


You can also send less and than 5 questions each time and carry the difference over to the next mail.


Email packages will be valid for 3 months from the date of purchase.

What does it cost?

By buying the highest package you save 1.300 kr.


5 questions x 1 = 150 Kr.

5 questions x 4 = 550 Kr.

5 questions x 8 = 1.000 Kr.

5 questions x 16 = 1.900 Kr.

5 questions x 32 = 3.500 Kr.


What do you get?

In each of my replies I will give a comprehensive response to your questions with example sentences where relevant.


I will expand upon any questions where possible and give clear example sentences you can use in real life situations.


I will send any relevant links or study materials which you can use to follow up on my answers and continue your student on the subject elsewhere.


If your questions are pronunciation related, I will give clear instructions or patterns and record a short audio file for your reference and practice. If possible, I will send a related audio file so you can hear the sounds.

Head over to my store to make a purchase or send an email directly to to arrange payment.

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