Who is this service for?

This is a highly-detailed and comprehensive feedback service.


If your focus is on written Danish, or you just don’t have time to fit weekly lessons into your schedule, then my Editing and Feedback service is for you.


Through the service you can:


  • Get your written Danish corrected and receive detailed feedback

  • Practice your writing in a natural way

  • Get your general questions answered


You send a text you have written: an article, a text in preparation for a test, or maybe just something you have written for fun.  


Some examples could be:


  • A story

  • An article

  • A letter

  • Your worries, inspirations, ideas for the future...

  • A list of questions



The focus is up to.

How do I send files? 


Please send your files as a word document to ljpilmore@gmail.com. If you are familiar with Google Docs, you can share a link with me directly via mail and I will edit the file online. Be sure to set the share options so those with the link "can edit."

What do I provide?


I will correct grammatical errors including:


  • Word order

  • Word choice

  • Verb tenses

  • Noun conjugations

  • Spelling mistakes


With the exception of any spelling mistakes, I will give you detailed feedback with relevant patterns and rules you can follow to check your work, improve, and avoid making errors.


What does it cost?

Each document/text you send should contain roughly 500 words in total. You can of course write less. If the amount of words is significantly less than 500, the total will be deducted from 500.


For example, if you send a document containing only 90 words, I will deduct 90 from 500 and carry the remaining over to the next document.


The more you buy the cheaper the price. 

By buying the highest package you save a total of 6.700 kr. in comparison to buying a single edit.


500 words x 1 = 350 kr.

500 words x 4 = 1000 kr.

500 words x 8 = 1.500 kr.

500 words x 16 = 2.500

500 words x 32 = 4.500

Head over to the store to buy this service. 

Packages are valid for 5 months from date of purchase. 

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